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Programme for the Hargeysa International Book Fair (HIBF) - July 22 – 26, 2011

Last year’s theme was ‘Citizenship’, and we examined the different issues relating to this complex issue. This year we will explore the theme of ‘COLLECTIVE MEMORY’.



Programme for the Hargeysa International Book Fair (HIBF) - July 22 – 26, 2011

Introduction and this year’s theme

REDSEA-ONLINE.COM CULTURAL FOUNDATION and its partners KAYD SOMALI ARTS and CULTURE and ILAYS are delighted to announce the 2011 Hargeysa International Book Fair. This year, we will explore the theme of ‘Collective Memory’ and the week long programme will take place from the 22nd to the 26th of July 2011 in Beerta Xorriyadda, Hargeysa.

Last year’s theme was ‘Citizenship’, and we examined the different issues relating to this complex issue. This year we will explore the theme of ‘COLLECTIVE MEMORY’. We will introduce and launch the theme, highlight, debate and explore issues relating to collective memory for a society, and in particularly for Somaliland. All participants are encouraged to examine their own relationship with the concept of collective memories including the different literary expressions and poetic forms they prefer. We will be surveying and discussing written literature that deals with the wider issues concerning building from bottom up, a society based on its shared memories, and we will be encouraging both artistic and personal approaches.

Collective memory

Distinct from individual memory, collective memory is shared, passed on and also constructed by a group or modern society to shape their national identity. Parts of the collective memory for a nation can be represented in a physical monument, commemorative symbols, rituals, story-telling or media production, including literary creating, fiction and nonfiction production, oral poetry and so on. Both “history” and “collective memory” are publicly available social facts. The difference is, while the classical history is something “dead” and confined to the past, the collective memory is something “alive” and it can be viewed as real or current history hidden in the people’s memories, experiences, testimonies, and human stories. Whilst history can explain the actors and times (who and when) of an event, it cannot capture the original emotion caused by the event. Preserving and archiving collective memory will afford people an opportunity to revisit the event and prolong its presence. We want people of different ages, different backgrounds, writers, thinkers and youth to focus on a common and shared collective memory that creates the foundation of the nation and of a national identity.

Friday, 22nd July 2011

9am -10:45am Opening ceremony:

Welcoming; Qur’an recitation; Somaliland anthem and “Waddanigu waa” song written by Xasan Ganay and performed by SOCSA;

The Moving Library: - An event that moved a nation.

Short movie clip will be shown following the journey between 6th to 15th July in the country during the moving library Tour. The moving library visited main cities and towns in the country i.e. Berbera, Shiekh, Burco, Ceerigaabo, Laascaanood, Gebiley and Boorama. It also stopped over in small villages like Yufle and Gar'adag. This short clip will include the main highlights of what happened during the tour and it captures the sensation of the population.

Introducing This Year’s Theme

Introducing and launching this year's theme, highlighting and exploring issues relating to collective memory for a society.

After the opening speech, the theme will be introduced by the celebrated poet Mahamed Ibarahim Warsame Hadraawi and will be followed by a discussion on collective memory.

Panellists include: Axmed Ibrahim Awale, Adam Jibriel, Edna Adan, Suleiman A Guleid, Dr. Fadal and members of the “Unugga Waddaniyadda” Muuse Aadan Faarax and Cabdirisaaq Maxamed Muuse.

Chaired by Bobe Yusuf Du'ale.

11.00am -12.00am: A tour of the books, paintings and other forms of Somaliland artistic expressions.

The book fair officially opens its doors! Visitors will have a chance to explore the available books; get know new items for the public library; Somaliland universities’ libraries; and more. There will be also an art exhibition and paintings displayed by AfrikaNation arts.

Saturday 23rd July

Book Launch and Discussion

9am -10:30 am Yasmeen meets her new readership

Chair Quman Akli

Yasmeen Mohamud: Nomad Diaries

This morning we will be focusing on showcasing and discussing the work of Yasmeen Mohamud, a female Somali writer from USA. Yasmeen Mohamoud, author of The Nomad Diaries (published by Nomad House Publishing). Defined as a prolific and intelligently humorous writer by her wide readers, Yasmeen's debut novel is described as “a book full of ordeals depicting characters primarily overwhelmed by a potpourri of conditions that include violence and drug abuse, despondency and illegitimacy, rejection and consanguinity, pessimism and optimism, circumlocution and loquaciousness, magnetism and vivacity”.

HIBF is delighted to invite Yasmeen Mohamud back to her country for the book launch and book signing. Two randomly selected young readers will interview in public the author. A question and answer session with the author will follow.

10.30-10.50 Break for book signing and informal meeting with the guest author.

Presentations from the Curisyo series and discussion on Written Somali

10:50 am -13:00

10.50 am- 10.55

Curisyo is series of books published and distributed by Ponte Invisibile ( and presents several titles on the theme of citizenship tackling various aspects of the theme such as the environment, clan identity and political participation. This part of the day will introduce the Curisyo series in general and the collection’s new titles.

Curisyo series presentation

11.55 – 12.30 - Curisyo 5 -‘Shuf-beel’: Saeed Jama Hussein.

Hargeysa International Book Fair presents “Shufbeel”. The author, Saeed Jama has been vice president of Somali Speaking Pen and one of pilasters of the literary promotion in the Somali speaking society. He speaks six languages, he is short storywriter.

Xasan Cabdi Madar and Mustafe Adan Nur will read and comment selected stories of the book. Following the book presentation by the author, there will be a round table discussion on the Somali literature in the written form.

12.30 – 13.00 – Round Table: Somali as a written language: challenges and opportunities.

Participants of the round table are: Maxamed Diriye Cabdillahi (Author), Professor Raabbi (Author), Mustafe Cabdillahi “Fayruus” (Linguist):

Continuation of presentations from the recently published series:

15.30-16.40 - <New Books>

Panel chaired by Cabbaas (from denmark)

Hableheenna by Maxamed Xirsi

Diihaal-reeb by Khalid Jama Qodax

Darka Maadda by Musa Dalmar presented by Cabdilatiif Cismaan Caabi

Several works by Maxamed Sheekh Ibraahin Xujaale will be featured.

Share your talent!: Young People’s Perspectives on Building Society

Chair Axmed Muxumed Madar
16:45pm - 18:00pm

In this part of the event, up and coming artists and poets will display their talent, particularly in poetic composition with renowned poets. This event intends not only to introduce the new artists and poets, but to re-introduce Somali poetry to the younger generation for the purposes of cultural preservation and promoting dialogue on citizenship.

Young and upcoming talent: Mawliid Maxamed Odowaa, Yaasmiin M Kahin, Yaxye Beeshaash, Hooda-ayaan Suldaan, Cabdillaahi Xassan Cabdillaahi (Baxraawi), Kayse Maxamed Xuseen, Axmed Maxamed Badeed, Cabdishakur Maxamed Xuseen (meecaad) “Murtimaal”, Yaasiin Yuusuf Magan “Murtimaal”, Cabdi Gaydh, Caato, Maxamed Ibraahim Axmed, Cabdinuur Cawil Xaashi.

Sunday, 24th July

9am – 10:30 am: Anders Michelsen


Speaker: Professor Anders Michelsen

Chair: Zahra Jibril

Discussion Participants: Adam Haji Ali, Ahmed I Awale, Ahmed Jibril

10:30 – 11:00pm HIBF presents George Orwell's Animal Farm

Somaliland readers clubs read George Orwell's Animal Farm with Saeed Jama. Two members from each readers club will read parts of the book. In this section, a member from Hargeysa Readers Club will present the book to the public. Comments will follow.


Cabdillaahi Cawed Cige

“Baadi-sooc”, Khalid Jama (edited by), collection of Axmed Aw Geeddi's poetry and lyrics.


Cabdillaahi Cawed Cige

“Xeer Ciise”, by Cabdalle Xaji.

Continuation of presentations from the recently published series:

15.30-16.30 - New literature

The literature day will feature book displays, readings and signing. Young people from local Somali communities will be invited to read selections from featured books chosen by the authors who will be available to meet informally with the audience. We will also feature book launches by recently published Diaspora Somali authors who will also be invited to present and read from their work.

Panel chaired by Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed

Yuusuf Xasan (various books),

Cabdalle Cismaan “Taariikhdii Andalus”

Kobocii Islaamiyiinta Soomaaliya, Cabdishakuur Mire Aadan (Cobol)

Xeeladaha Saxaafadda, Cali Cabdi Coomey,

Buug cusub - Cabdi Nasir Yuusuf Macallin

16:30pm -18:30pm

Women’s Evening in collaboration with Negaad

Chaired by Hibo Aadan Cabdillaahi, this evening will be dedicated to the artistic and leadership of the women in our society. The role of the women will be discussed by women who successfully managed their role in this society. Challenges and opportunities will be highlighted. Poetry recitation by women will follow.

19.30pm – 21.00pm

Sooyaal – Somali culture and wisdom

Axmed Macallin Jama, Maxamed I Warsame “Hadraawi”, Maxamud Siciid Aw Muuse, Maxamed Adan Dacar, Muuse Cali Faruur, Xasan Xaaji Cabdillaahi Xasan Ganay, Xasan Qowdhan, M Cali Banfas, Kadarre, and more ... will discuss with the public on how to preserve our culture for the future generations.

Chair: Saleebaan Baashe

An entertainment event will follow.

Monday 25 July (Working with the universities and academics)

9am -11:00 Science, technology and development

The Science Awareness Day is significantly important to Somaliland's development in the long terms. Somaliland needs to shift its emphasis on manufacturing nation rather than the notion of relying on other nations' gift aids. With the motto "Science for Sustainable Development', the Day hopes to mobilise the energy and resources of the diaspora community to effectively contribute to development of Somaliland.

Chair: Isman Warsame

Invited Participants include: Representatives of Ministry of Higher Education, Axmed Maxamed Cadaad (University of Hargeysa), Dr Ahmed H Esa (Abaarso Tech), Dr Saed Ahmed - Golis University, Prof. Abdi Rahman Jama Duale - University of Buroa, Jonathan Starr (Abaarso Tech), Axmed Derie.

11.00-12.00 – Introducing Riwaayado Series - ‘Baqayo rogad’: Cabdiraxmaan Yuusuf Cartan.

This short volume - a first of its kind - includes three plays by the same author and among other things explores some of the deep-rooted inequalities in Somali tradition, particularly the rarely addressed problems of marginalised social group.

Xasan Cabdi Madar will comment with the author Cabdiraxmaan Y Cartan.


Book Launch and Discussion with Various Authors - New Literature Presentation

Chair Cabdiraxmaan A Yusuf

Cabdinasir Dheeg Ciise (Guur kaal iyo Caynba Cayn), Cali Jaamac Qalinle (Taariikhda Umadda Soomaaliyeed), Maxamed Jaamac Cabdi (Caynaan), Cabdi Casiis Maxamed Yoonis “Ansaari” (Iga baro afsoomaaliga and English for Somalilanders series), Caadil Ibraahin Xuseen (Hiddo same), Axmed Cabdi Guuleed (Waayaha Jacaylka Warzo); and more.

15:30-16:15: An evening with Kaddare?

Kadarre's work on Somali language scripts will be presented.

16:15pm – 18:00pm: Focus on the Culture and Arts of Djibouti – including Xeer Ciise

This afternoon is intended to represent and allow the audience to enjoy the varied and exciting art, culture and literature from Djibouti. Authors from Djibouti have been invited present and enlighten the audience on the art and cultural production of their home country. The main guests will be writer Abdillahi Xaaji (Author of Xeer Ciise who will present this wonderful record of one of the most important traditional rule and regulations), Cabdilqaadir Xaaji Iimaan, Yuusuf Muuse Cabdi and Sagal Cabdilqadir among them will be representatives from Djibouti National TV.

19:30pm – 21:30pm (Ambassador Hotel) Celebration of the Sheeko iyo Shaahid Competition

This competition is intended to inspire the youth to get involved in critically thinking about and composing, storytelling, preserving and participating in Somali culture and arts. The participants are expected to present original short stories and the winners will receive a literary award. Winners of the previous editions of Sheeko iyo Shaahid will be invited, and the new volume “Mugi Nuura”, containing the winning stories of the 2010 competition will be presented. The 2011 winners will be announced and awards will be handed over by a Yasmeen Mohamud.

Entertainment: Amina Cabdillaahi, Cabdinasir Macallin Caydiid, Saado Amarre.

Tuesday 26th July 2010

Readers Club Presentation

9am - 11:00am

An entertaining presentation on the role of the readers’ club and their mission. There will be a total of 8 readers clubs from Somaliland and each club will have a total of 20 minutes to present what they have been reading and working on for the past year. Their presentations will also focus on the theme of the year collective memory. .

Book display and Traditional Board Games and their role for pedagogy: Shax Day

12:00pm – 13.30pm

While we continue with the book presentations from authors who have published books within the last year who will also be available to sign their books and talk to visitors, we will also organize the first Somaliland Shax Game tournament. Shax is the most popular game among men in Somaliland and is usually played by marking a board on the ground and using stones or sticks as pieces. The game has a large influence on Somali literature, which often mentions game-play and strategies. In the historical nomadic lifestyle of the Somali people, Shax was a method of communication for social life. The first Somaliland Shax tournament will assign the title of Shax Player of the Year. There will be a lesson on Shax as well.

Facilitators: Hoodo-Ayaan, Mustafe Adan Nur, Khalid Jama Qodax, Abdirahim Adan Buni, Fatxi Musse Adan (Isse), and Shaqalle.

Summing up & Conclusions – The Way Forward

15:30pm – 16.30pm

Hargeysa International Book Fair concludes the five day program of events. The organizers will draw up the guidelines for the next year.

19.30pm – 21.00pm

Gala appetizer (by invitation). A new play will be shown as for the conclusion of the program.

“A Glimpse of our Collective Memory” by Abdirahman Yusuf Arten

Abdirahman Yusuf Artan has compiled a dramatic sketch called, “A Glimpse of our Collective Memory”. The dramatic sketch scrutinizes important hallmarks and vintage points in the past and present of Somali culture, religion and history. The Sketch highlights events that stand out in the social, political and cultural life of the nation. The sketch weaves together traditional folk songs and dances emanating from the ancient past with most recent political, social and cultural events that encompass current democratization process and building of modern institutions.



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