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Launch of Amoud University Alumni Association

A launching Ceremony of Amoud University Alumni Association was held at Imperial Hotel, Hargeisa on Saturday Evening, 22/10/2011.



Launch of Amoud University Alumni Association

A launching Ceremony of Amoud University Alumni Association was held at Imperial Hotel, Hargeisa on Saturday Evening, 22/10/2011. The launch was attended by a high profile delegation from Amoud under the leadership of Amoud University President, Prof. Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid. Members of the Delegation included Ahmed Abdilahi Boqore, Vice President of Amoud University and Dahir Mohamed Yusuf, Senior Advisor, Apart from the delegation from the management of Amoud University, the ceremony was also attended by scores of Amoud University graduates who are living and working in Hargiesa.

Efforts to form Amoud Alumni Association

Ever since Amoud University produced its first graduates in July 2003, there were efforts paid by different groups in terms of formation of an alumni association that bring the graduates of Amoud together. However, as graduates were primarily pre-occupied by issues like securing employment and establishing their identities within the society, little time was left in forming the association. Nevertheless, it remained a standing agenda point and a key issue that Amoud graduates discuss whenever they meet formally or informally.

The most bold and concrete move of forming the alumni association, nonetheless, was made in January 2009, when a group of Amoud graduates met in Hargeisa and decided to form a “Scholarship Fund” for the students of Amoud. This was thought as the first stone in laying down the foundation of the alumni. Similarly, it was considered as a way of paying back to the institution that is so dear to the minds and hearts of its graduates as well as setting a good example for today’s student population of Amoud University.

Briefings of Group Representatives

For most of the attendees of the launch, it was like a re-union gathering since old friends as well as new faces met at the meeting and had a good chat. Representatives of the different batches (10 in total) that graduated from Amoud University provided brief information about their classes, whereabouts of their class-mates and whether they are employed or not. Interestingly, most of the alumni members-with the exception of the last batch who graduated very recently- are said to be working and managed to secure jobs inside and outside Somaliland. The vast majority of Amoud graduates are believed to be concentrated in Borama and Hargeisa. However, it was mentioned that a good number of former students of Amoud University currently work in other major towns in Somaliland. Similarly, it was also underlined that a good number of students (mainly graduates of the Faculty of Education) are said to be working in Puntland and South Central Somalia. The graduates of Amoud are now engaged in every field of life. They include Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Business Managers and Accountants, Agronomists and business entrepreneurs.

Worth to mention is the number of students who left the country for overseas countries. Some of these migrated to North America and Europe, understandably, for a search of better lives. Many others are pursuing their higher education studies in neighboring countries and beyond. Another interesting scrutiny was the small number of graduates that are running their own businesses despite the fact that School of Business and Public Administration produced hundreds of graduates.

In short, the briefings of the representatives of the groups that graduated from Amoud since 2003 was extremely positive and encouraging as most of the former students managed to get jobs in one way or another.

Remarks of Amoud University Management Team

Members of Amoud University Management team who attended the meeting made brief remarks. Dahir Mohamed Yusuf, a former Minister of Education in Somaliland and the Minister who officially endorsed the idea of establishing an institution of higher learning at Amoud in December 1997, congratulated alumni members for initiating this idea. He glanced back the circumstances that necessitated the establishment of Amoud University. He cited as an example many challenging questions that were coming from the then high school students in Somaliland and particularly, the first high school students of Farah Omar Secondary School in Hargeisa. “Every time I visit to Farah Omar Secondary School, students of that school challenged us and demanded to have post secondary school educational plans, which were beyond our reach” he said.

Prof. Sulaiman Ahmed Gulaid, concluded the ceremony by officially endorsing the outcome of the meeting and the elected members of the Alumni. He outlined that most of the first-class universities do have an active alumni association that bridges members of the alumni and their institution, and improves the information-sharing mechanism among its graduates.

Prof. Sulaiman informed the attendees that Amoud has now 11 fully-functional faculties as well as Department of Quality Assurance so that the quality of the graduating students will be thoroughly scrutinized. He further informed the former graduates of Amoud who were in the meeting, that Amoud University is planning to establish post-graduate study program and this will hopefully be launched in 2012.

Finally, this was an interesting gathering that members of Amoud Alumni, Hargeisa Chapter met and discussed as the best way of forming an inclusive alumni association. At the end of the meeting, every batch had internal discussion and elected their representative in the alumni. As a way forward, the elected members will have further meetings and develop their structure and strategize their future tasks.

Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud

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